On this page, I've tried to pull together some information about myself, so that I can send people to just one place to find out about me. I do a lot of stuff online and offline, so this may seem a bit messy. So be it - such is life!

Some things I do

I run a (relatively) successful startup blog, swombat.com. Before that, I blogged right here, on danieltenner.com, though it looked different, and on inter-sections.net. My articles have made regular featured appearances on Hacker Monthly, as well as being published or republished on TechCrunch, LifeHacker, SitePoint, OnStartups, and in a number of other places.

I'm a founder of GrantTree, a company which helps UK tech companies to get UK government funding, in particular R&D Tax Credits, TSB Smart Grants, SEIS and Patent Box.

I'm also the tech cofounder of Woobius, a collaboration tool for architects, and Vocalix, a now-defunct startup whose goal was to help small businesses put voice on their websites. I am also an advisor of rLocums, which helps GPs find locum work.

I also speak and teach at a variety of events. I have done speed-mentoring at Ignite 100, Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas workshops at Business Bootcamp, guest lectures in Oxford, and of course lots of talks at events from HNLondon to Alpha Version.

What I care about

I believe that entrepreneurship is primarily a matter of drive, insight and skills. The first cannot be taught, but the second can be communicated and the third can be taught. Most startups fail in a boring way - by which I mean a way that could easily have been avoided with the benefit of experience which was available to people other than the founder who failed. While many writers or speakers focus on how to inspire entrepreneurs, I believe that our responsibility as experienced entrepreneurs is to convey valuable insights and teach valuable skills.

Despite this, most first-time founders will probably still fail. Starting a new business is a very steep learning curve. But I hope that with the right kind of assistance, they can get further, fail less often, and fail in less obvious ways.

Where I can be found

Almost everywhere! On twitter, facebook, app.net, github, linkedin, and many, many other places on the net. Feel free to tweet me on twitter or app.net, send me a mail to daniel.dt@tenner.org, or otherwise ping me! I'll do my best to respond, though I can be slow at times...


I enjoy giving talks, workshops and lectures to entrepreneurial audiences. I feel it’s a great way to give something back, and it’s a lot of fun too.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please note that I do charge if your event charges its attendees. My rates are far from huge, but they are not zero, particularly if the engagement involves travel.

Upcoming engagements

Early December 2012 - SEE ICT Startup Academy - Belgrade

I will be giving several lectures/talks on entrepreneurship topics.

Past engagements

Wednesday, October 25th - University College Dublin

Feedback: Daniel led a start-up workshop as part of Innovation Dublin 2012 at University College Dublin organised by UCD Innovation. The participants came from varying degrees of start-up experiences as well as varying ages. Daniel engaged the audience well by identifying with their needs and challenges. The feedback from participants was exceptionally positive and they enjoyed the highly interactive nature of the workshop. (Ciara Leonard, UCD Innovation)

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012 - Dreamstake Startup Academy

A 2-hour workshop titled Build a successful startup - from idea to reality.

Wednesday, September 26th 2012 - Ignite 100 speed mentoring

Helping the startups to examine their models critically and figure out the key assumptions to test in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, September 14th 2012 - Business Bootcamp at Brunel University

A whole-day event, with two one-hour workshop/talks about Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas.

Friday, June 15th 2012 - Saïd Business School, Oxford

Guest lecture about the crazy risks of being an entrepreneur.